How to Make a Cupid Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • White fabric

  • Scissors

  • Safety pins

  • White thread

  • Needle or sewing machine

  • Gold ribbon or cord

  • Sandals

  • Red felt

  • Laurel wreath

  • Toy bow and arrow

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Whether it's Valentine's Day or Halloween, dressing as the loveable little nymph Cupid can liven up a party or put a smile on your partner's face. Similarly, dressing a baby up as cupid can create a more realistic looking angel, as he is generally portrayed as small. From the wings to the bow and arrow, a homemade cupid costume can brighten up the holidays.


Step 1

Measure out a length of white fabric for your cupid costume. For children or babies, this can be as simple as pillowcase. For adults, a long sheet or a length of white fabric will do. The fabric should cover the wearer from shoulder to below the knee.

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Step 2

Sew the fabric so that it forms the shape of a dress, with armholes and a hole for the wearer's head. For a pillowcase, you will simply have to cut open the bottom of the case and make slits for arms. For sheet or fabric, drape the material over the wearer and pin together the areas that need to be closed. Sew the seams of the gown closed with a needle and thread or a sewing machine.


Step 3

Wrap the gold ribbon or cord around the wearer's waist to act as a belt. Tie it so that it forms a bow on the wearer's stomach, and cut off any excess material.

Step 4

Wear sandals for shoes with the costume, to replicate the traditional pattern of cupid clothes.


Step 5

Cut heart shapes out of red felt and adorn the white fabric with them.

Step 6

Purchase other accessories from costume stores, party stores or toy stores. Common accessories include a laurel wreath (worn as a crown) and a toy bow and arrow.


If the costume wearer is not comfortable with wearing just the white fabric, he or she can wear shorts or tights underneath.

You can attach the felt hearts to the arrows of your toy bow and arrow set to replicate Cupid’s love-inducing arrows.

Feathery wings are usually available for purchase at costume stores and some party stores, and can add another level of authenticity to your Cupid costume.


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