How to Keep My Sofa Cushions From Flattening

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If you have just gotten a new sofa, then you are likely reveling in the comfortable, plump cushions that spring back to their original forms when you rise from your seat. However, without proper maintenance, your joy may be short lived. Sofa cushions tend to compress and flatten over time with use, and many of the most comfortable materials, such as down, are the most prone to this. To keep sofa cushions from flattening, you will need to take some steps to address the issue before it becomes a problem and you are forced to restuff the pillows.


Step 1

Keep your pets off the sofa. Pets not only will spend hours parked in the same spot, turning that cushion into more of a "nest" than a seat, but they also secrete body oils that damage fabric and can seep into the stuffing and cause it to flatten.

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Step 2

Plump the pillows every day. Pick up a cushion and hold it in the air. With the flat of your hand, hit the bottom and sides. This keeps the stuffing from staying flattened from someone sitting on it and helps the cushion remain rounded and fluffy.


Step 3

Rotate the cushions weekly. Move the cushions down the sofa so that one cushion does not receive the majority of the pressure in your favorite seat. If the cushions are fully interchangeable, then rotate them through the seat and back positions. If not, rotate the cushions as much as possible.


Step 4

Vacuum your sofa weekly to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on the sofa. This will keep the dirt from working its way into the cushions and making them more prone to flattening.



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