How to Gift Wrap a T-Shirt

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Gift wrapping is all about presentation, and making a good impression before the gift is opened can affect the way the recipient feels about what is inside. Wrapping a T-shirt is simple and can be completed in about five minutes. The size, shape and decoration of the wrapping paper depend on your preference and that of the person to whom the T-shirt is given.


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Things You'll Need

  • Tape

  • Name-Tag (Optional)

  • Wrapping Paper

  • Bow (Optional)

  • T-Shirt

Step 1

Fold the T-shirt so it sits flat. Place the sleeves behind the shirt and wrap the bottom up so that the shirt is bisected. Fold the sides behind it to minimize the size of the shirt.

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Step 2

Unroll enough of the wrapping paper to gauge how much you will need for wrapping the entire T-shirt. Place the shirt on the wrapping paper and wrap the edges up over it for a better idea of how much wrapping paper is needed.


Step 3

Cut off enough wrapping paper to completely cover the T-shirt on all sides.


Step 4

Place the T-shirt in the center of the wrapping paper and fold two sides up over it. Put two to three pieces of tape along the seam to hold it in place.


Step 5

Fold the corners of the wrapping paper at an angle so that they form a triangle. Fold the triangle up over the seam that you taped and attach tape to the ends of the wrapping paper.


Step 6

Flip the wrapped T-shirt over. Affix a bow and name-tag to the package. Write the recipient's name on the name-tag.


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