How to Adjust Garage Door Tracks

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Things You'll Need

  • 7/16-inch socket wrench

  • Flathead screwdriver

  • Tape measure

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Garage doors roll up and down on a set of door tracks. When a track becomes loose or has been hit, the garage door will not operate smoothly. You can adjust the door tracks yourself and avoid further damage to your door. Tracks that are out of adjustment can wear out rollers quickly, and in some case will cut through door spring cables. Adjust your garage door tracks as soon as you notice a problem.


Step 1

Open the garage door and inspect the track brackets. The track brackets are the "feet" that connect the track to the wood jambs. The brackets connect to the tracks with bolts. Loose bolts will rub on the door rollers and cause the door to bind or become stuck.

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Step 2

Tighten the bolts that secure the track bracket to the track with a 7/16-inch socket wrench. Use a flathead screwdriver to hold the bolt in place while you tighten the nut with the socket wrench.

Step 3

Tighten the flag bracket connection between the vertical and horizontal track. The flag bracket joins the horizontal and vertical track where the track curves. The flag bracket connects to the track the same way the track bracket connects. Tighten the bolts with the 7/16-inch socket wrench.


Step 4

Close the garage door and measure the distance between the inside edge of the track to the edge of the door with a tape measure. There should be a ½-inch gap between the track and the door. Measure at all the track bracket locations.

Step 5

Loosen the lag bolt that secures the track bracket to the jamb with the 7/16-inch socket wrench. Move the bracket to obtain the ½-inch gap and then tighten the lag bolt to secure the bracket.


Do not loosen the flag bracket from the wall. The flag bracket aids in holding the tension on the springs of your garage door.


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