How to Upload Drawings Onto the Computer

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Things You'll Need

  • Drawings

  • Scanner

  • File storage device

  • Camera (optional)

  • Photo kiosk (optional)

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People upload drawings to a computer for various reasons. Typically, the most common reasons include creating electronic copies of artwork as backups to original materials to protect against loss or damage and creating copies to share/distribute for personal, academic or business reasons. No matter your reason for needing electronic copies of your drawings, you can easily upload your artwork to a computer. All that you need is access to a scanner, digital camera or photo-scanning kiosk.


Step 1

Gather your drawings together. Don't worry if your drawings have stray marks, stains or tears, as you can edit and correct any damage to your drawings in electronic format.

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Step 2

Turn on your computer and scanner and arrange your first drawing for scanning. If you have a new scanner that you've never used, review the user instructions in the owner's manual as every scanner uses different tools for scanning. If you don't have a scanner, go to Step 5.

Step 3

Select scanning options from your scanner's software. Decide if you want to make identical copies or create a different colored or cropped image. For example, you may want to scan a colored drawing as a black-and-white image. In addition, select background paper size, image quality, a file format to save your image under such as BMP or JPEG and a location on your computer or external file storage device to save your scanned electronic files.


Step 4

Scan your first drawing. Once you've confirmed on your computer screen that the scan looks the way you want it, repeat the process with your other drawings.

Step 5

Take pictures of your drawings using a digital camera if you don't have a scanner. Follow the instructions provided in the owner's manual for your specific camera/camera software to take clear, high-quality photos. If you don't have a digital camera, go to Step 7.


Step 6

Upload the images from your camera to your computer using a USB cable, docking station or memory card. Use your camera's software to access, copy and save the images or treat the camera like a hard drive—go to the window or icon that shows your available hard drives and click on the camera name or icon. Select and copy your image files from the window that opens and then paste the files into another drive and save.


Step 7

Carry your drawings and an external file storage device (hard drive) to a store that has a photo or image-scanning kiosk. Follow the instructions provided at the kiosk to scan each of your drawings. Save the scanned images to your hard drive and then access the images on the hard drive using your computer.


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