How to Paint on Round Hay Bales

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Things You'll Need

  • Round hay bales

  • Plastic tarp

  • Spray paint

  • Can of paint

  • Paint brush

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When hay is harvested from fields, it is usually compressed into bales for storage until needed. Hay bales can be a rectangular shape or large round bales that are left in the fields. The large round bales of hay have become popular ways to decorate for almost any season. With some creativity and some spray paint, these round bales of hay can be transformed into works of art.


Step 1

Place the round hay bale in a well-ventilated area. It's best to place the bale outdoors, but it can be painted in a garage or barn as well.

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Step 2

Choose a spray paint that is labeled for outdoor use so that the paint can withstand outdoor temperatures and rain. If the hay bale will be placed indoors, any type of spray paint can be used.


Step 3

Place a plastic tarp around the ground surrounding the hay bale to prevent the ground from being painted.

Step 4

Spray a light, even layer of paint over the bale of hay. Allow the paint to dry for 15 to 20 minutes.


Step 5

Apply a second layer of spray paint to the bale of hay, making sure to focus on areas that were not covered in the first layer. Allow the paint to dry.


Step 6

Continue applying paint until the desired level of coverage is achieved. Since hay is not an even surface, it can take four to five layers of paint for adequate coverage.

Step 7

Use a can of paint and paintbrush to apply any other paint design to the bale of hay.


Consider painting multiple bales of hay and stacking them to create decorative shapes. Add additional materials to the hay to increase the decorative nature. A pipe can be added if painting a snowman face, or a green bucket can be placed on top of hay painted like a pumpkin to act as the stem.




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