How to Clean an Army Sleeping Bag

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Things You'll Need

  • Tennis or dryer balls

  • Mild laundry soap

  • Industrial washer and dryer

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Sometimes a regular sleeping bag just won't cut it. While your average sleeping bag is fine in normal weather, you need something a bit more heavy duty as you head further north where the weather drops way below freezing. An army sleeping bag is the way to go when you take camping to the next level, but at some point it needs to be cleaned. There are several steps to properly cleaning your army sleeping bag, and the task requires a bit of preparation.


Step 1

Check the bag carefully for any tags with instructions on how to wash the bag before anything. Wash the bag according to these instructions if you find a tag.

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Step 2

Find a laundromat with a very large washer and dryer. Army sleeping bags are often large, so you need the extra space. An industrial-size washer and dryer are ideal.

Step 3

Wash the sleeping bag on a cold setting using very mild soap.

Step 4

Remove the sleeping bag from the washer and place it in the dryer with two or three tennis balls. The tennis balls move the sleeping bag around in the dryer so the whole thing dries. Some stores sell special dryer balls that serve the same purpose.


Step 5

Run the sleeping bag through the dryer until it is completely dry. Hang drying is another option, but there's no telling how long it will take, and if left damp for too long, you run the risk of mold growing on the bag.


Talk to your dry cleaner about pricing and other ways to go about cleaning your bag. Dry cleaning is safer for fabrics and better for your bag in the long run.


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