How to Make a 4 Color Lanyard

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Things You'll Need

  • 4 strands of lanyard (different colors)

  • Lanyard hook (optional)

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If you've mastered the basic box stitch, you're probably itching to make a lanyard that uses more than two colors. Fortunately, making a four-color lanyard is much easier than it may seem, as it is just like a glorified box stitch with additional lanyard strands.


Step 1

Lay three strands of lanyard horizontally on a flat surface, parallel to each other. Lay the last strand of lanyard vertically on top of them so that it is perpendicular to all three strands.

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Step 2

Take the right end of the topmost horizontal strand and loop it over the center strand. Then take the left end of the same strand and loop it over the center strand to create a second loop beneath the first.

Step 3

Repeat step two with the second and third strands so that you have six loops, two of each color.

Step 4

Take the top end of the vertical strand and weave it over and under the loops. In other words, you will be weaving the end over, under, over, under, over, and under the loops, in that order. Repeat with the bottom end of the vertical strand.


Step 5

Grasp the three strand ends on the right as well as the top strand end in your right hand. Grasp the remaining strands in your left hand. Pull to tighten the stitch.

Step 6

Repeat steps two to five to add additional stitches to your lanyard. The lanyard should be three times thicker than a regular box lanyard.


The three horizontal strands should be the same length. The fourth strand should be one and a half times as long as the other three.

Use a lanyard hook, if desired, to attach the two sides of the lanyard together. This should be the last step if you are making a bracelet, anklet, or other ring-shaped lanyard.

Make sure to pull each stitch tight to make your stitches look as uniform as possible.


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