How to Make Coca Tea

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Coca tea is made using the leaves of the coca plant; it is used as a digestive and diuretic treatment. The tea is also beneficial in preventing high altitude sickness. It is most commonly used for energizing and awakening as an alternative to coffee. Dried coca leaves can be made into a drinking tea that is rich in antioxidants but is not caffeinated. The tea leaves are available at organic markets and health food stores and online.


Step 1

Heat cold water in a pot but do not boil. Heat until bubbles form at the bottom of the top, as coca tea is similar to Asian green tea and warm water brings out flavors better.

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Step 2

Place a teaspoon of dried coca tea leaves in a tea infuser. Insert tea infuser in the pot with water.

Step 3

Steep and allow coca tea leaves to infuse for 20 minutes for a darker brew and 10 minutes for a light amber brew. Use 10 minutes steep method for the first time, as the tea can be strong.

Step 4

Pour the coca tea in a mug to the half fill line. Taste and dilute with warm water if it is too strong for you. Pour a full cup of coca tea if the taste is as desired.

Step 5

Sweeten tea with a teaspoon of honey and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Stir and sip. Or you can drink it unsweetened if you prefer.


Dilute coca tea for the first week of drinking, as its flavor and stimulant strength can be too much for new drinkers. Sugar or sugar substitute can be used instead of honey.


Do not drink more than two cups a day, as coca tea can be more stimulating than coffee. Drinking coca tea after 5 p.m. may keep you up at night. Coca tea does not contain cocaine and it is completely legal to buy and drink coca tea.

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