Kick-Ass Cocktail Recipes You Should Know

No suspenders or hipster handlebar mustache needed. Show bartenders who's boss by having some kick-ass cocktail recipes in your repertoire. Your home bar cart is begging for these babies. And, as they say, it's 5 o'clock somewhere. So let's get mixing.

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The Perfect Margarita

Just a few simple ingredients make this cocktail a classic. Get the recipe.

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White Wine Spritzer

Is there anything more refreshing? We think not. Get the recipe.

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It may be called an Old-Fashioned, but there's nothing fuddy-duddy about this drink. Get the recipe.

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Gin & Tonic

Choose the highest quality ingredients. And don't forget the lime. Never forget the lime. Get the recipe.

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Get ready for guests to shout,"Gimme that gimlet!" Seriously. Get ready. But first, get the recipe.

How to Make Caipirinha

Brazil's national cocktail is brilliant. Or should I say it's "brazilliant?" Get the recipe.

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Pomegranate Gin and Tonic

The citrus and fruit juice add just the right amount of sweetness. Get the recipe.

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Tom Collins

This too-tall Tom can do no wrong. Get the recipe.

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James Bond is no dummy. He knows what's up. Get the recipe.

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Cucumber-Mint Grapefruit Margarita

Careful! The tequila is slyly hiding in this invigorating drink. Get the recipe.

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Homemade Irish Cream Liqueur

Use this Irish cream to give your coffee a kick in the winter or when making a mudslide in the warmer months. Get the recipe.

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Mint Julep

You don't need to wait for the Kentucky Derby to break out this recipe. Grab your muddler and make it now. Get the recipe.

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Cocktails with Ginger Beer

#$@&%*! these are good! Get the recipes.

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Homemade Orange Liqueur Recipe

This recipe can be used as a starting point that leads to a world of possibilities. Get the recipe.

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Sidecar Cocktail

Use that aforementioned homemade orange liqueur in this subtly sour and sweet sipper. Get the recipe.

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Moscow Mule

The cute copper mugs seal the deal with this drink. Get the recipe.

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You may not normally drink rum, but this cocktail will make you change your mind. Get the recipe.

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