How to Make Lime Green Paint

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Things You'll Need

  • Yellow paint

  • Blue paint

  • White paint

  • Black paint

  • Mixing tray

  • Mixing utensil

The three primary colors on the color wheel are red, yellow and blue. It is from these three colors that secondary and tertiary colors are born. Green is a secondary color. When you want to make shades of green, including lime green, you can easily accomplish the task by knowing what primary colors to mix.


Step 1

Pour a measure of yellow paint into a mixing tray or container. The amount of paint you should pour depends on how much lime green paint you need to make. Be sure to remember how much yellow paint you use.


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Step 2

Pour a measure of blue paint into the same mixing tray as the yellow paint. The measurement of blue paint should be equivalent to the amount of yellow paint that was used in step 1. For example, if you used 1 cup of yellow paint, you should add 1 cup of blue paint. If you used 3 tbsp. of yellow paint, then use 3 tbsp. of blue paint.


Step 3

Use a mixing utensil, such as a wooden spatula or spoon, to mix the yellow and blue paints together. Mix the colors together until you have a consistent green color, with no streaks remaining.


Step 4

Add more yellow paint to the mixing tray to create your lime green color. The yellow paint should be added gradually, a few drops at a time. You can always add more if needed, but you can not take away what has been added. Stir the yellow paint into the mixing tray until you have a consistent lime green color.


Step 5

Add a few drops of white paint to the lime green paint if you need to lighten it a little bit. Add a few drops of black paint to the lime green paint if you need to darken it. Add the paint in gradually, instead of adding a lot at one time. Stir the paint until the color is consistent, with no streaks remaining.



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