How to Press Satin Fabric

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For mixed satin fibers, set the iron on the heat setting for the most delicate fiber.
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Satin is a lustrous textile with a smooth finish that will wrinkle, but ordinary ironing and steaming may not be the best solutions. A too-hot iron may melt the fibers, and steam alone won't remove wrinkles from heavy-faced satin ball gowns or revive creased and crumpled wedding dresses. Instead of steaming or ironing your satin garments, protect them from permanent scorch marks and shine with an easy-to-execute and gentle pressing method. Pressing involves holding the iron down, then quickly lifting it off the fabric to remove the wrinkles, rather than sliding the iron back and forth across the garment.


Things You'll Need

  • Iron

  • Ironing board

  • Pressing cloth, cotton towel or cotton diaper

  • Padded hangers

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Step 1

Read the care labels on your garments to determine the proper heat setting for your iron. Choose the right temperature for the type of satin you have.

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Step 2

Test the fabric on a hidden, inside seam before ironing. Apply a warm, dry iron on a seam hidden inside the garment to test for any potential fabric damage.

Step 3

Turn the garment inside out, with the shiny side on the inside, to avoid fading and prevent shine. Stretch the satin garment across a padded ironing board.

Step 4

Place a white towel, handkerchief or old cotton diaper over the fabric to prevent the iron from damaging any embroidery, sequins or lace -- and avoid creating a permanent scorch mark on the fabric.


Step 5

Press the iron on the pressing cloth lightly, for a few seconds. Use short, lifting and lowering motions to release the wrinkles from the fabric, rather than long, gliding back-and-forth strokes.

Step 6

Press the thickest or non-flat sections of the garment first, before moving on to other areas. For instance, if you are pressing a satin jacket, start by pressing the sleeves, shoulders and collars.


Step 7

Let the garment cool on the ironing board for four to five minutes to prevent wrinkles and set the press. Hang satin clothing on a hanger to keep garments wrinkle-free and smooth.


If you create shine on the fabric with the iron, rub it gently with the dampened end of a washcloth or a clean sponge.


Never press a dirty or soiled satin garment. The heat from the iron will set stains.

Steam may cause water spots and the fabric to pucker, so do not use steam or sprinkle the fabric with water before pressing.