How to Organize Prismacolor Pencils

Things You'll Need

  • Cigar box, Rubbermaid or shoe box

  • Prismacolor pencils

There are a wide variety of Prismacolor pencils, each used to different effect. Varieties range from a typical colored pencil set to watercolor pencils. Some are designed for outlining artwork or creating detail, while others are intended for more bold detail. After a couple of uses you may find your pencil set in such disarray that it is difficult to find the color that you want to add to your artwork next. You can improve your artistic experience by organizing your pencils in advance.

Step 1

Select a large enough container to hold all of your Prismacolor pencils without stacking them on top of each other. A cigar box, Rubbermaid or shoe box can work well for this task. You can even decorate your box if you choose.

Step 2

Begin to organize your pencils by the color spectrum from left to right in your box. Start by placing your white pencil to the far left inside your box. Next add gray-tone pencils from lightest to darkest, and then your black pencil.

Step 3

Add your yellow pencil to the box after your black pencil. Progressively add darker yellow pencils that begin to progress to an orange hue such as amber.

Step 4

Add colors that progress from orange to red after your orange pencil. Colors between orange and red include such tones as vermilion.

Step 5

Place crimson, lavender and magenta colors after red until you get to the purple pencil. Once you've added the purple pencil to your box, begin to move towards blue tones such as violet and indigo until you have reached your blue pencil.

Step 6

Follow blue with other blue tones such as ultramarine, cobalt and sky blue. Next add the blueish-green tone of cyan to the box and gradually work towards green. Viridian, turquoise and aquamarine will all follow cyan.

Step 7

Begin to go back towards the yellow tones after you have reached green. Add emerald, lime and chartreuse colored pencils to your box.

Step 8

Examine your pencils once they are all in place side-by-side in the box. Your pencils should gradually change from yellow to orange tones and then to red and blue tones. Finally, your pencils will change from blue to green tones, and then back to yellow. This will help you to find the color and tones you wish to use in you next art piece more easily.