How to Make a Backstage Pass for a Party

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Things You'll Need

  • Color Printer

  • Microsoft Word 7

  • Card Stock

  • Self-Laminating Paper or

  • Clear Contact Paper

  • Hole Punch

  • Lanyard or Cord

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Backstage passes are fun and easy to create if you are having a Hollywood or rock-star type of party. You can send your guests their passes in the invitations and they will need to present them at the door to get access. You can also just pass out the passes at the party. Use the following online template for Microsoft Word to create backstage passes that allow you to add any message you want. Use your imagination and make it unique to your event.


Step 1

Go to and click where it says "Template for a backstage pass" invite and it will open up a Word document.(See Reference 1) When the File Download box comes up, click on "Open" or "Save". The document is meant for an invitation but is also the perfect size for your backstage pass, and you can make four passes on one sheet of paper.


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Step 2

Click on the first section of the template, right-click on the clip art and select "Cut" if you want to delete it. You may decide to keep it if goes along with your party's theme, or you can right-click on "Change Picture". A new window will open for you to choose a picture from your computer. Go to the "Insert" tab if you want to add clip art. By clicking on "Clip Art", a new window will open from which you can search and add clip art.


Step 3

Enter your text by clicking anywhere on the supplied text. A text box will appear; delete all of the text in the box. Click on one of the tiny, blue boxes on the text box's frame to enlarge the area to fit all of the words you want, such as "VIP" or "All Access" and any other text you want. Use the tiny circle on the text-box frame to move the whole box anywhere you choose. Use a special font or WordArt to jazz it up by right-clicking, choose "Font", and a new window will open where you can select what type style you want to use. You also can change the text's color there.


Step 4

Repeat the process in the previous three steps until you have four backstage passes for your party. Don't forget to save your work so you can make as many as you need.

Step 5

Print your backstage passes out on card stock and cut the passes out.


Step 6

Laminate your passes with self-laminating sheets or you can use clear contact paper. If you choose self-laminating sheets, follow the directions that come with the product. If you use contact paper, cut two pieces of contact paper to the size of your pass. Lay your pass on one piece of the contact paper, sticky side up. Place the other piece of contact paper, sticky side down, onto the pass to create a protective covering. Trim excess contact paper off.

Step 7

Use a hole punch to make a hole in the pass for a cord or lanyard so guests can wear them around their necks at the party.


If you don't have Microsoft Word 7, go to the Microsoft Office website and download a free trial for 60 days. You need to have Word already on your computer and it will update your version automatically. When your trial is over, it will revert back to the old program.


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