How to Make a Paper Sash

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Things You'll Need

  • Roll of newsprint paper

  • Pencil

  • Yardstick

  • Scissors

  • Stapler

  • Markers

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Paper sashes make for great fun young children.Sashes are used in scouting, the military and other costumes. Making a paper sash is simple and decorating options are endless. Consider using sturdy materials to make the sash last longer. When working with small children and craft supplies, always have adult supervision.


Step 1

Hold one end of the roll of paper at hip level and unroll to the middle of the neck. Fold the paper at the neck and unroll until it level with the end you started with. This doubles the paper. Cut the paper.

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Step 2

Draw a diagonal line, from the upper, left corner of the folded edge, to the lower, right hand corner. The line should be from corner to corner.


Step 3

Measure four to five inches from the upper left corner toward the upper right corner, along the fold. Mark the spot. In the lower, right corner, measure four to five inches from the corner toward the upper right hand corner. Mark the spot. Draw a diagonal line between these two marks.

Step 4

Cut out the sash, using the guidelines you marked in steps 2 and 3. Keep the fold at the top intact.


Step 5

Place the sash over the right shoulder and mark with a pencil where the ends meet. Remove the sash and decorate using markers.

Step 6

Put the sash on and staple the sash ends together where you made the marks in step 5.


Make sure the sash is large enough that you can take it on and off. You can buy rolls of newsprint very cheaply from your local newspaper.


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