How to Clean Cotton Hats

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When most people choose a hat, they do not consider its material. When it comes to washing your cap, the fabric makes all the difference. If you chose cotton rather than wool, velvet or felt, you will find that cotton is the easiest to clean because it can withstand a washing-machine cycle.


Things You'll Need

  • All-natural laundry detergent

  • Washing machine

  • Wall hook or other place to hang a wet hat

Step 1

Put the hat in the washing machine with clothes of the same color.

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Step 2

Read the detergent container to determine how much liquid or powder you should add. Put in the recommended amount of detergent.


Step 3

Set the water temperature to cold, and choose the delicate or hand-wash setting.

Step 4

Start the load.

Step 5

When the washer has completed the cycle, remove the hat, and hang it up to dry.


Some laundry detergents have dyes or chemicals that can irritate your skin, especially if you sweat while wearing the cap. Choosing an all-natural detergent will help to prevent rashes and other uncomfortable conditions.


Do not put your cotton hat in the dryer because it can shrink or become deformed. Do not wash your cotton hat in hot water because the heat can cause the color to bleed and the cotton to shrink.


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