How to Make Printable Bookmarks on the Computer

Things You'll Need

  • Computer

  • Desktop publishing software

  • Picture editing software

  • Color printer

  • Clear packing tape

  • Cardstock (or photo paper)

  • Colorful yarn

  • Scissors

  • Single hole punch

Image Credit: Patrick Ryan/Lifesize/Getty Images

You can make bookmarks as unique gift labels, page markers or inexpensive promotion materials for a home business or event. Though you can make them by hand, you can publish beautiful bookmarks using your desktop publishing suite and printer. Better yet, this is a project where the kids can get involved, contributing to a household project while learning computer skills at the same time.

Set up your page.

Step 1

Open the formatting controls on your publishing program. Set the page for landscape orientation.

Step 2

Set the margins for 1/4-inch on each edge, unless your printer requires larger margins.

Step 3

Create a bordered box 2 inches wide, running the entire height of the page. Put that box on the left side of the page, accounting for the border.

Design Your Bookmark

Step 1

Using the bordered box as your creation space, place text, background and graphics as you want.

Step 2

Use your picture editing software to create and detail the graphics you want.

Step 3

Format the text as you see fit, playing with size, color and font until you get a result you are satisfied with.

Step 4

Fill in the background with a color that complements the text and graphics. If you have a lot of elements, use a flat background (no pattern). If the bookmark is relatively plain, a patterned background may be appropriate.

Step 5

Remove the outside border of the bookmark, or make it thicker and more colorful. This will make cutting between bookmarks easier.

Step 6

If you want multiple, similar or identical bookmarks, copy and paste the finished bookmark to fill the page. A standard page should print four bookmarks in landscape mode (This depends on the width of your bookmarks). If you want different bookmarks, start a new one to the right of the finished bookmark.

Print and Finish

Step 1

Print your bookmark. Cardstock is a good, sturdy paper that most printers can handle. If you don't mind some added expense, photo paper turns out a sturdy, flexible bookmark with a glossy finish.

Step 2

Cut out the bookmarks. If you have access to a paper cutter, use it. You'll finish faster and with straighter lines.

Step 3

Lay one layer of clear packing tape on each side of each bookmark and trim off the excess with scissors. This creates an effect much like laminating.

Step 4

Punch a hole near the top of each bookmark.

Step 5

Tie a loop of colorful yarn through the hole in each bookmark. Fray the yarn around the knot to create a tassel effect.