How to Make Your Own Window Clings With an Inkjet Printer

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Things You'll Need

  • Printer

  • Inkjet cling film

  • Clear plastic sheet

  • Book

  • Optional: scissors, waxed paper

Personalized graphics can be prepared for decorating windows using specialty inkjet papers. The specialty inkjet paper is a clear or white film that has a rough surface on one side for the ink to adhere. Clear window clings produce a stained-glass effect when sunlight shines through the printed image. Printed window clings should dry thoroughly before applying to the window to avoid ink transfer to glass. Window clings can be reused seasonally, if stored properly, as they are perfect for creating fast and festive decorations and signs for each holiday or special occasion.


Step 1

Prepare your image for the window cling on your computer (using programs such as Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator).

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Step 2

Insert a sheet of inkjet cling film (such as HYAZ Inkjet Ultra Cling or MCG Papers Window Cling for Inkjet), making sure the rough side is placed for printing.

Step 3

Print your image on the inkjet cling film one sheet at a time (if available, use the manual paper tray instead of the automatic paper tray).


Step 4

Set the printed page aside and allow the ink to dry for approximately five minutes.

Step 5

Cut out your design, if desired, and arrange your printed images in a single layer on a flat surface.

Step 6

Place a clean plastic sheet over the printed design(s) and place a weight such as a book on top to keep the paper flat as it dries thoroughly overnight.

Step 7

Remove the paper backing from the printed film and place on the inside of your window.

Step 8

Gently smooth away any bubbles, if visible.


Make sure your window is clean, dry and lint-free before applying the window cling. The film can be carefully peeled from the window and repositioned as desired. To preserve the printed film for later use (after initial use), place the printed film on waxed paper and store flat (such as in a folder or between sheets in a book). If preparing a window cling for the exterior (outside) window, cover the image with a clear adhesive for a water-resistant coating.