How to Make Carnival Booths

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Things You'll Need

  • Four pole tent canopy

  • 3 folding tables

  • Measuring tape

  • Cheap, colorful fabric, large bolt

  • Scissors

  • Safety pins

  • Strong tape

  • Poster putty

  • Colored markers

  • Poster board

Making carnival booths can be simple or hard, depending on the type of booth you're making. Ticket booths need to be small, food booths need lots of counter space and game booths need to be shaped according to the activity they offer. If you're throwing a small carnival fundraiser, simple carnival booths will suit most of your needs. To make a basic carnival booth, you're going to need three folding tables, cheap fabric and a tent canopy with poles.


Step 1

Set up the tent canopy to begin making a carnival booth. Measure the open space along the back side of the tent canopy. Add 2 inches to the length measurement and cut out a piece of fabric in the resulting size. Drape the cut fabric from the back of the canopy to create a colorful backdrop and entry/exit curtain. Secure the top 2 inches of the backdrop fabric to the canopy fabric with safety pins.

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Step 2

Set up the folding tables, placing one in the front and one on each side to create a closed square area for the carnival booth that can only be entered through the curtain. This creates a game controller area to store tickets, prizes, equipment, supplies or food.

Step 3

Starting at the back end of the table on the left side, unroll a long length of colorful fabric from the bolt. Gather the fabric end and tape it securely to the top-back edge of the table. The fabric should go around the edge of the tables in the carnival booth, not over the top.


Step 4

Pull the fabric around to the front-side edge of the table. Let the fabric drape down for a few feet and gather another bunch of fabric together. Use looped tape and poster putty to invisibly secure the gathered fabric in place. Drape another few feet of fabric, gather and secure. Keep repeating the steps to create draped swags of fabric around the outer sides of all three tables. Secure the end of the fabric behind the top-back edge of the right table.


Step 5

Use markers and poster board to create a sign stating the name of your carnival booth. Hang the sign from the tent canopy, tent pole or table edge. Set up any games or supplies and display your prizes, crafts, tickets or food on the tables.

Step 6

Repeat entire process to create multiple carnival booths.


To secure the draped swag fabric invisibly with tape and putty, you need to rip off a long piece of tape and loop it into a circle, sticky side out. Fold the rough edge of the fabric to the back and press the fabric against the tape and table. The tape loop should stick the fabric to the table. Use little balls of poster putty to secure the fabric to the table and create a clean looking gather. You can also use double-sided tape to secure the fabric, but it tends to be much weaker than a tape loop.


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