How to Wrinkle Proof Clothes

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Unsightly wrinkles can ruin the appearance of your clothing as well as the overall professionalism of your appearance. Ironing remains a sure-fire way to remove wrinkles, but can be time consuming and tedious. By paying careful attention to your laundry routine and investing in a wrinkle-releasing spray, you can minimize or eliminate wrinkled clothing.


Step 1

Place clothing in the washing machine, carefully separating heavy items from lightweight ones. Heavier items of clothing such as sweaters or jeans can crush delicate, wrinkle-prone items. By making sure to wash like items of clothing together, you can also prevent uneven drying.

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Step 2

Avoid leaving wet clothing in the washing machine for extended periods of time. Allowing clothing items to sit for lengthy time periods often leads to musty-smelling clothing as well as set-in wrinkles. Shake items out as you remove them from the washer to help prevent them from crumpling.


Step 3

Load a balanced number of clothes into the dryer. Overloading your dryer will lead to uneven drying and wrinkles through compression. Dry the clothing on the lowest level possible for the type of fabrics to help prevent shrinking and creasing.

Step 4

Remove clothes promptly from the dryer and smooth them with your hands to help deter wrinkles. Cool air sets wrinkles into clothing, virtually guaranteeing a session with the ironing board.


Step 5

Hang as many items as possible rather than fold them. Button the top buttons of shirts and place pants on special pants hangers, which contain a clip that holds them at the waist. Spritz any slightly wrinkled clothing with a wrinkle-releasing spray, such as Downy Wrinkle Releaser, and tug each article gently to release wrinkles.


Consider purchasing wrinkle-resistant clothing; many department stores offer pants and shirts made of special fabrics that resist wrinkles. If you forget to unload clothes from the dryer, add a wet rag to the dryer and allow it to run for a few minutes. The extra wetness and heat should help remove wrinkles. Make a homemade wrinkle-releasing spray by adding 1 tsp. of fabric softener to 1 cup of water, putting the mixture into a spray bottle, and spraying on wrinkled clothing.


Some natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen or silk, will almost certainly need ironing, regardless of how carefully you launder them. Incorporate additional ironing time into your laundry routine when planning to wear these fabrics so that you will have adequate time to properly care for them. When placing clothing into the washer, resist the temptation to wash as many items as possible. While this might lessen the number of loads you need to do, it often leads to wrinkled clothing, since clothes jammed together often end up inadequately cleaned as well as creased.


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