How to Assemble the Craftsman 5 Drawer Tool Storage Cabinet With Riser

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Keeping your tools organized is always a good idea. It always adds stress and aggravation to a household project when you can't find the tools you need. Craftsman makes a line of tool cabinets for those who want to keep their tools organized. If you own, or are considering purchasing, a Craftsman five-drawer tool cabinet, here are the basic steps you need to put it together.


Step 1

Remove the riser from the packaging. If your riser has drawers, those should come installed.

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Step 2

Remove the bottom drawer of the riser, if there is one, and turn the riser upside down. Using four screws and nuts per caster, attach the casters to the bottom of the riser. Make sure the swivel casters are attached on the same side as the riser's handle. Tighten the screws with a wrench.

Step 3

Place the riser blocks on the back corners of the top of the riser. Each block should be labeled L or R, denoting whether to place it on the right or left side. Make sure the hooked edge of the riser block is on the outside of the riser. Depending on your model, there may be riser blocks to attach to the front as well.


Step 4

Install the parts tray on the front edge of the riser. Use the hooks on the two end pieces to attach them to the center piece. Attach the whole assembly to the riser by snapping it into place in the front of the riser.

Step 5

Remove the five-drawer cabinet from it's packaging. The cabinet comes assembled, so it only needs to be placed on top of the riser.


Step 6

Place the cabinet on top of the riser. Slide the cabinet onto the riser blocks. Keep in mind the cabinet does not bolt onto the riser, so be careful when moving the assembly.

Step 7

Install any parts bins that may have been included with your Craftsman tool cabinet.


The cabinet can be heavy, so lift it carefully to avoid any injury.

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