How to Package Bath Bombs

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Things You'll Need

  • Favor bags

  • Ribbon

  • Sticker

  • Foil

  • Tissue paper

  • Shrink wrap

  • Paper bags

  • Labels

  • Boxes

  • Paper

Bath bombs are a mix of salts and harmless chemicals that fizz when placed into bath water. Bath bombs can be produced in bulk at home following a basic recipe. Finished bath bombs can be packaged as singles or in groups, stored for home use or decorated for gifts. Deciding which packaging method and finish works best for you is a matter of personal taste. With so many different options, the only limits are creativity and budget.


Step 1

Slip individual bath bombs into wedding cake favor bags and tie the end with ribbon or seal with the enclosed sticker tab. Available at craft and bridal stores, cake bags are the perfect size for small bath bombs and work perfectly when part of a new bride's shower gift.

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Step 2

Roll the finished bath bomb in aluminum foil and twist the top closed. You can add a decorative piece of metallic ribbon to complement the look or leave plain. Either way, this is a sparkly and inexpensive way to package the bath bombs.


Step 3

Place individual bath bombs in multicolored tissue paper and twist the top. Add a little curling ribbon around the twisted part and place different colored tissues packages into a gift bag. This works great if you have a number of different flavored or colored bath bombs to package.

Step 4

Shrink wrap the bath bombs using clear or colored shrink wrap. By cutting up a packet of shrink wrap for a gift basket, you can make a number of smaller packages for individual bath bombs. Use a hair dryer to seal the plastic.


Step 5

Put individual bath bombs into a small brown craft bag and attach a custom designed label. You can staple closed the top of the bag and use a home printer to print out some custom labels. Look online for free label templates.

Step 6

Set bath bombs three or six deep into a small card gift box that closes shut with a decorative handle. Found in the chocolate and candy making aisles of craft and bridal stores, small decorative boxes are a nice way to package several bath bombs at once. Line the box with shredded paper or tissue paper to keep bombs separate.


Step 7

Stack bath bombs in clear plastic tubes with lids. The cylinder shape of the package compliments the shape of the bath bombs and make for a professional finish. Add a label or curling ribbon to the outside for extra aesthetic appeal.


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