How to Print Your Own Personalized Ribbons

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Things You'll Need

  • Word processing software

  • Paper

  • Printer

  • Ribbon

  • Double-sided tape

Design your own ribbons for scrapbook pages, card making and invitations. Personalize them with event information, names and dates or just a favorite phrase. Design personalized ribbons with decorative fonts in any color with any wording you like. Making your own ribbons takes only a few minutes using your home computer and a few simple craft supplies.


Step 1

Open a blank document in any word processing software such as Microsoft Works Word Processor or Microsoft Word.

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Step 2

Type the personalization information on the screen. Change the font style, color and type by clicking "Format" in the tool bar at the top of the page and selecting "Font."

Step 3

Place a sheet of standard copy paper into the printer and prepare for printing as directed by the manufacturer.

Step 4

Click "File" and select "Print" from the options. Follow the onscreen instructions for printing.


Step 5

Place a thin line of double-sided tape along the length of the backside of the ribbon. Remove the paper from the printer and center the ribbon over the text. Press the ribbon down over the text and smooth it gently using your fingers to attach the tape to the paper.

Step 6

Place the paper back into the printer in the same position as in step 3. Print the text over the ribbon. Remove the ribbon from the paper after printing is complete. Repeat as needed to create multiple ribbons.


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