How to Glue Acrylic to Steel

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Things You'll Need

  • Acrylic material

  • Steel

  • Epoxy resin adhesive in a binary formula (two glue compounds mixed together).

  • Steel wool or metal hand file

  • Scrap piece of cardboard

  • Cotton swabs

  • Metal clamps

Acrylic is a type of plastic resin useful for its strength and malleability into different shapes. Acrylics are often used in high-performance engineering applications such as boat windshields, while paints made with acrylic are a popular medium for artists. You can glue acrylic materials permanently to other materials, including steel using a binary adhesive such as resin epoxy.


Step 1

Test fit the acrylic and steel together to determine where the glue should be placed.

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Step 2

Rough up the edge of the acrylic to be glued. Rub a piece of steel wool or a hand file to score the edge and create texture to help bond the material to the steel.

Step 3

Mix together a small quantity of the two compounds included in the epoxy package. Squeeze equal amounts onto a piece of cardboard and stir them with a cotton swab until blended.

Step 4

Spread a thin line of epoxy on the acrylic, using no more than necessary. A think bead along the surface to be joined is normally enough.


Step 5

Hold the acrylic tightly to the steel for five minutes until the epoxy begins to set. Clamp the pieces if desired and allow the epoxy to set for at least six hours.


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