How to Make a Fake Teeth Grill

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A professionally made set of teeth grills can be very expensive. Famously celebrated in Nelly's hit "Grillz," grills made of pricey materials such as silver, gold and diamonds sometimes cost five or six figures -- or even more. Lil Wayne reportedly shelled out $150,000 for his second set of teeth. Rapper Paul Wall has his own grills' business that charges $800 per tooth to give your mouth an extra sheen. Miley Cyrus, Madonna and Rihanna have all worn them. But you don't have to drop a paycheck for mouth jewelry; instead, make a fake teeth grill using materials from around your house, like aluminum foil.


One of the many nice things about making your own grills -- other than their price -- is that you can customize them, throw them away, try new ones and have more fun. A fake teeth grill works especially well if you're dressing up to look like a superstar for Halloween.

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Things You'll Need

  • Aluminum foil

  • Ballpoint pen without ink

  • Scissors

  • Gold foil (optional)

  • Rhinestones (optional)

Step 1

Using scissors, trim the aluminum foil to the proper size. You may need to experiment with different sizes of foil to properly fit your teeth. Start with a piece that's about 4 inches wide and 2 inches tall. Once the piece is cut, fold it horizontally to strengthen the material before inserting it into your mouth. Be sure to make the fold with the shiny side of the foil on the outside so it will look more like real grills. Rub the side of the ballpoint pen against the foil to ensure that the fold is crisp and the foil smooth.


Place the top half of the aluminum strip against the front of your teeth and rub them to make a good impression on the foil, as well as to decide how to position the foil against your teeth. Fold the lower half of the aluminum up and under the top half so they wrap around your teeth. The shape should hold the aluminum piece against your teeth.


Step 2

Rub your fingers against the foil so the material takes the shape of your teeth. Moving your lips over the foil helps create the shape. If the foil is long enough, also consider pushing the material up and around the back of your molars. (You may need to take the aluminum out, trim the edges so they'll fit, and put the piece back in.) The piece will start to take a shape similar to a mouth guard.


Step 3

Using the ballpoint pen, score a small line between your two front teeth. That line helps keep the foil in place and also reminds you where the aluminum should align with your teeth when you want to reuse the fake grills. Also, when you want to remove the aluminum, you can grab the grills by the hole and pull them out cleanly.


When you want to put the grills back in, place them on the tip of your tongue and use your fingers and lips to slide them into place.

Step 4

To customize your grills, look for inspiration in some of the grills that Nelly, Kanye West and Madonna have worn. Try using gold foil instead of aluminum for a style similar to A$AP Rocky's. Glue on tiny rhinestones to look like diamonds. While it may be a challenge to get as many "diamonds" on your grill as Lil Wayne had on his, you can stick four in the shape of a diamond on one accent tooth.


Metallic cupcake decorations work well since they're edible, and if anything falls off you don't have to worry. A row of gold or silver sugar pearls adds some nice bling. Even an edible gold glitter heart can be cool on one or two teeth. Ryan Lochte once wore a grill designed to look like the American flag. You'll need some good tweezers to replicate that design.


Be sure when placing any accent "jewelry" that it isn't in a spot where it will be easily knocked off by your lips. You want to be able to show off your new glittering new smile.


If you're going to stick anything onto the grills, be sure to use non-toxic glue since that glue will soon be in your mouth.

Take care when placing foil in your mouth since sharp edges can cut. Make sure only folded sections of the aluminum are placed against your gums, lips, tongue or palate.



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