How to Make Grass Out of Construction Paper

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • White glue

  • Toothpicks

  • Green construction paper, multiple shades

Different shades of green paper add dimension to fake grass.
Image Credit: Robin Phinizy/Hemera/Getty Images

Construction paper grass helps complete a number of children's craft projects -- from shoebox dioramas to wall art. With a little time and a pair of scissors, kids can make fake grass in a few different ways.

3-D Tufts of Grass

Step 1

Cut a long strip of construction paper, about 3 inches wide.

Step 2

Fold this strip in half, width-wise, as many times as you can and still be able to cut through it, which should be about three or four times.

Step 3

Cut, starting just above one corner of the paper, into the long side of the paper in narrow zig-zag patterns from one side to the other. This essentially cuts the folded paper strip in half and gives it long, thin pyramid-shaped strips, which will form the grass. Unfold the paper strips.

Step 4

Run a bead of white glue along the bottom of one grass strip.

Step 5

Wrap the glued strip around the top portion of a toothpick and around itself loosely. Grasp the base of the glued paper and twirl it slightly to better adhere the paper to the toothpick. This creates an upright tuft of grass that can be "planted" in a foam or wood block.

Flat Rows of Grass

Step 1

Cut a long wide strip of construction paper. If necessary, cut several small strips that can be taped or glued next to one another for a wider landscape.

Step 2

Fold the strip in half lengthwise to make a long, narrow strip.

Step 3

Cut blades of grass in long, narrow triangles out of the open sides of the folded-over paper strip. When finished, just cut the strip of paper into two pieces along the centerfold to create two narrow strips of grass. Glue the strips along the bottom of a piece of wall art to create a landscape.

Freestanding Sections of Grass

Step 1

Cut a rectangular shape out of construction paper. Decide on how you want to orient the rectangle, either wide and short or tall and thin.

Step 2

Cut out a pattern of curved grass blades along the top half of the grass rectangle. Just a few individual blades with wider bases and narrow points on each rectangle give the impression of a tuft of grass.

Step 3

Fold the bottom third of the rectangle back at a 90-degree angle and crease. This creates a platform to hold the grass upright. If needed, a few dots of glue placed along the bottom of this flap help secure the grass tufts in place.


Create two stripes of grass in different shades and layer one on top of the other to add depth to an image.

Grass tufts and strips can be made for very small crafts or for nearly full-size projects.


Supervise children working with scissors or pointed toothpicks.

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