How to Make the Color Yellow Darker

You may want to have a deeper, darker yellow in your painting, but you don't have the shade you want in a bottle. Making a dark yellow is not as simple as mixing black into yellow paint. The color will come out with a bluish hue. Instead, you can mix other colors with your yellow to find the shade you desire. Many artists enjoy making their own shades of color from a few basic colors. With the proper guidance, you can experiment mixing colors to get the perfect shade.

Things You'll Need

  • Tube of red paint

  • Tube of yellow paint

  • Tube of white paint

  • Paint brush

  • Palette

Creating Darker Yellows

Step 1

Put two parts yellow on your palette.

Step 2

Put one part red on your palette touching the yellow.

Step 3

Put one part white next to the other two colors on your palette.

Step 4

Gently mix the colors together with the stick end of your paint brush until you have a fully mixed color.

Step 5

After you have found your darker yellow, experiment with amounts of the other colors until you have created the perfect, dark yellow.