How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Tomato Plants

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Things You'll Need

  • Basil Seeds

  • Lemongrass seeds

  • Citronella seeds

  • Garlic bulbs

  • Marigold seeds

  • Catnip seeds

  • Rosemary seeds

  • Tansies seeds

  • Garden gloves

  • Tiller

Mosquitoes can be a huge problem for any garden, especially gardens that have tomatoes. Several methods exist to get rid of mosquito problems such as with repellents, different varieties of plants and organic pesticides. The healthiest thing to do is plant natural bug deterrents like basil, lemongrass, citronella grass, garlic, marigolds, catnip, rosemary, and pansies. If you don't want to bother adding more plants, or you don't have the room, the next healthiest thing to use is organic repellents or pesticides. Avoid using harsh chemical insecticides that can damage the plants and be harmful to pets and humans.


Step 1

Find out where the majority of the wind blows around your garden. Most wind blows from the northwest, but obstacles may change this direction.

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Step 2

Select an area near your tomatoes that will allow the wind to carry the fragrances of the mosquito-deterring plants towards the tomatoes. If the wind does come from the northwest, plant the mosquito repelling plants to the northwest side of your tomatoes.

Step 3

Dig up this area, using a tiller, to plant the mosquito-deterring plants that you chose.

Step 4

Plant any of the suggested mosquito-deterrents. They will all do fine in the climate and soil your tomatoes are in.


Step 5

Add some organic pesticide to the garden, making sure the liquid you chose is compatible with tomato plants. Follow instructions on individual containers. Organic pesticides can be found at home and garden stores, or from local growers so check your phone book before purchasing from online vendors.


Local organic growers also may have homemade remedies for organic pesticides, or other ideas for keeping mosquitoes away.

Many of the plants named come in different colors, so if you're looking for aesthetically pleasing plants do additional research to find what would look the best in your garden.


Stay away from anything that’s not organic, since the tomatoes will be ingested and it’s not safe to use anything that has harmful chemicals.


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