How to Dress Like the Evil Witch in Snow White

Things You'll Need

  • Black queen-sized sheet

  • Measuring tape

  • Scissors

  • Sewing machine

  • Black thread

  • Sewing pins

  • Elastic puller

  • 1 yard black grosgrain ribbon

  • Black face paint crayon

  • White face paint crayon

  • Green face paint crayon

  • Pink face paint crayon

  • Red face paint crayon

  • Yellow face paint crayon

Poisoned apples are a Snow White witch's crafty weapon.
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Load a basket up with apples, pull on your homemade witch costume and entice Snow White to eat of your forbidden fruit. You can make an easy witch cape that can be used over and over again in no time at all. Wear your cape with a clown hood to create the full Snow White witch effect. The witch cape is large and covers your entire body, so you can wear the completed cape with any black clothing for a finished look. Stunning cartoon witch makeup will complete the effect.

Witch's Cape

Step 1

Determine the length of your cape. Measure from the bottom of your neck to your ankle.

Step 2

Fold the sheet in half longways and lay it on a flat surface.

Step 3

Cut the bottom of the sheet away so that the remaining fabric is equal to your measurement.

Step 4

Hem the cut bottom end of the sheet with a 1-inch hem.

Step 5

Turn the uncut portion of the sheet down 1 1/2 inches and pin it in place. Sew the sheet down to create a ribbon casing.

Step 6

Attach one end of the grosgrain ribbon to an elastic puller, and insert the puller into one open end of the ribbon casing. Pull the ribbon through.

Step 7

Tie the ribbon ends in knots to prevent the ribbon from slipping back through the cape.

Evil Witch Makeup

Step 1

Exaggerate the wrinkles on your face and outline them with the black face paint crayon. Outline the wrinkles on your forehead, around your eyes, and your chin. Outline the bottom of your cheekbones.

Step 2

Draw a circle around each eye. Make sure that the circle extends slightly above your eyebrow and just beneath your natural eye. The circle should also cover the inside corners of your eyes and extend up the sides of your nose between your eyes. Leave empty space across the top of your nose.

Step 3

Color your eyelid white to create the witch's eyes. Extend the white across the entire eyelid and up to the base of the eyebrow.

Step 4

Color the remaining space between the white eye and black circle with the black face paint crayon.

Step 5

Draw your eyebrows with the black crayon. Make sure that the bottom of the eyebrow blends in with the black space above your eyes. The ends should arch upwards between your eyes and end with a point.

Step 6

Color a green circle in the center of the eyes on the back of your eyelid. Add black to the center of the green for pupils.

Step 7

Create the witch's nose. Outline the sides of your nose from between your eyes to the tip of your nose. Draw a heart shape with a rounded bottom around your nostrils that extends to the top of your upper lip. Color the space inside the heart shape pink.

Step 8

Draw a yellow circle on the side of your nose for a wart. Outline the circle with the black crayon.

Step 9

Create a large smiling mouth. The bottom lip line should fall a little below your bottom lip and extend upwards to the center of your cheek bones. Draw the top lip line above your natural lip and extend it outwards until it intersects the bottom lip line at the center of your cheekbones. It should be reminiscent of the Joker's smile.

Step 10

Paint your natural bottom lip red.

Step 11

Paint the remaining areas inside the lip outline black.

Step 12

Paint a white tooth over the side of your bottom lip.

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