How to Rekey a Weiser Lock

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Things You'll Need

  • Weiser Smart Key tool

  • Both new and old Weiser keys

If the security of your home is compromised, consider rekeying your locks rather than replacing them. Weiser locks come with a Smart Key tool that allows you to change the keying on a lock without removing it from the door. This is useful when you have moved into a new home, lost a key or had a roommate move out without returning copies of keys. By rekeying, you'll make your old keys obsolete while improving the security of your home.


Step 1

Examine your Weiser lock. Most models have a tiny hole next to the keyhole that is designed to fit the Smart Key tool. If your lock has this hole, you can rekey without removing the lock.

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Step 2

Insert the old (current) key. Turn this key 1/4 of a turn clockwise. If the key is in the correct position, the teeth of the key will be facing to your left.

Step 3

Keep the key in place and insert the Smart Key tool into the hole next to the keyhole. Press firmly on the Smart Key tool to activate the rekeying system, then remove the Smart Key tool without removing the key itself.

Step 4

Remove the old key from the door without allowing the lock to turn at all. If you have used the Smart Key tool correctly, the keyhole will remain pointing toward the left once the key is removed.


Step 5

Insert a new Weiser key. You can purchase these keys at most hardware stores, or directly through the company's website. Once you have inserted the new key, turn it 1/4 turn in a counter-clockwise direction. This will shift the internal locking mechanism to accept the new key from now on.


This process will only work if your Weiser lock is installed on the door and the door is shut. If you have an old Weiser lock that does not have the Smart Key feature, you'll have to remove the lock from the door to rekey it. Insert the key into the lock and turn it slightly more than half a turn while pulling the cylinder tailpiece through the back of the lock. Once the cylinder is out, have a locksmith rekey it, then insert it back into the lock.


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