How to Block Light From a Skylight

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Window cleaner

  • Microfiber cloth

  • Spray bottle

  • Microfiber cloth

  • Utility Knife

  • Window film

  • Clear tape

  • Squeegee

Skylights add a lot of light, and in some cases, heat to a room. Unfortunately, the sun doesn't always give you a break, and skylights can provide too much light, or light at the wrong times. There is, however, an easy way of limiting the amount of light that a skylight lets through. Installing window film can limit the amount of sunlight that enters through any window, but without getting in the way of the view the window may provide.


Step 1

Measure the length and width of your skylight using a tape measure. Either write down or remember these figures for later.

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Step 2

Apply a window cleaner to the skylight, and rub gently with a microfiber cloth. Make sure the glass is as clean as possible.


Step 3

Rinse the cleaning solution by spraying the glass with a spray bottle filled with water. Go over the window again with the cloth, to ensure that the window is clean.

Step 4

Cut an area of window film that is one inch wider and one inch longer than the skylight you want to place it on.


Step 5

Spray the window with a light mist of the cleaning solution you use for cleaning windows.

Step 6

Press clear tape to the top two corners of the backing of the window film, and gently pull up. This should begin to remove the backing. Peel the backing down about an inch, and spray the film with the cleaning solution.


Step 7

Place the adhesive side of the window film against the glass. Make sure to place the film center on the window, and slowly press the rest of it against the window. If bubbles form while placing the window film, go over them with a squeegee to remove them.

Step 8

Trim the film using a utility knife. Leave a 1/16 inch gap between the border of the window and the border of the film.


There are many different kinds of window film: Make sure to purchase UV-blocking, or sun-blocking window film.

If there is still too much light getting in, you can get blinds designed to be installed in skylights. These will have different installation instructions, depending on which kind you purchase.



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