How to Clean a Sports Jersey

Sports jerseys range from professional team jerseys purchased from apparel stores to the jerseys kids wear for playing sports. At some point, especially during sports activities, the jersey will get dirty and have to be cleaned. If you are concerned about the lettering and numbers wearing off, there is a way to wash your jersey safely and keep it looking like new. This holds especially true for professional jerseys, because of the quality and price.

Step 1

Turn the jersey inside out. This is to preserve the ironed-on letters and numbers, and to prevent them from rubbing off.

Step 2

Place the jersey in the washing machine separate from other regular clothes. If you have more jerseys to wash, you can wash them together. Use regular washing detergent.

Step 3

Wash the jersey on the gentle cycle. When the washer is finished, immediately remove. Do not place in the dryer. Leave the jersey to air dry.


Try using Woolite instead of regular detergent to wash your jersey. Woolite is a little easier on your clothes than regular detergent and keeps it looking newer.


Never use bleach to get out stubborn stains. It could ruin the jersey. Try using a spot remover instead.

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