How to Clean & Shine a Slate Floor

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Things You'll Need

  • Broom or soft vacuum brush

  • Dust mop

  • Bucket

  • Warm water

  • 1/4 capful liquid laundry detergent

  • Mop or sponge

  • Water-based floor polish

  • Slate flooring sealer

Although slate flooring is a bit more costly than many of its counterparts, its beauty is like no other. It is a durable stone that comes in a variety of patterns and textures. To maintain a slate floors' natural elegance, you must take proper care when cleaning and polishing the slate. While it is safe to use strong, alkali cleaners on slate flooring, it is really unnecessary. You can successfully clean and shine slate flooring with the use of much more mild products.


Step 1

Sweep the floor using a broom or soft brush vacuum attachment. This will remove any loose dirt, dust and debris from the floor.

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Step 2

Use a dust mop to go over the floor to remove fine particles and debris. Push the mop in one direction only. Do not sweep it back and forth or you will only scatter the debris around

Step 3

Combine 1 gallon of warm water and ¼ capful of liquid laundry detergent into a bucket. You can also use a few squirts of plain dish soap as a substitute for the laundry detergent

Step 4

Dip a mop into the bucket, and wring it out well. Any kind of mop is fine to use. If you would prefer, clean the slate flooring by hand using a sponge or soft cloth.


Step 5

Scrub the slate floor thoroughly with the mop. Run the mop over the floor slowly and smoothly, rinsing the mop frequently.

Step 6

Fill a bucket with plain water to remove excess soap suds from the floor. Mop the floor again with the plain water to remove the soap.


Step 7

Allow the floor to air dry. Avoid foot traffic on the floor until it is completely dry. You can apply a water-based polish to the floor once it is dry. Follow the instructions on the label for application.

Step 8

Apply a sealer to the slate floor to add shine. Check with the manufacturer of your slate flooring for approved sealers. The sealer will also protect the floor from dirt, scratches and grease.


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