How to Make a Pig's Nose

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Things You'll Need

  • Styrofoam cup

  • Bread knife

  • Pink paint

  • Paintbrush

  • Black paint

  • Hole punch

  • Yarn

Pigs have easily identifiable snouts that make for great costumes.
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Although costume shops may sell fake pig noses, they are often overpriced and lack individuality. Instead, you can spend an enjoyable afternoon making your own pig's nose from some very inexpensive and easy-to-find items. This allows you to customize your nose exactly how you want it while feeling the satisfaction of creating something original.


Making a Pig's Nose

Step 1

Cut the top off a Styrofoam cup about 2 inches from the bottom with a bread knife. Be careful not to smash the cup while you are cutting it.

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Step 2

Cut out a small dip in the cup's edge along the new top edge of the cup to make it easier for your to breathe while you wear the pig's nose. This dip doesn't need to be any bigger than a quarter.

Step 3

Paint the whole outside of the cup pink. Let the pink paint dry for two hours, or until it is dry enough to touch.

Step 4

Lay the cup on its side so that the quarter-size dip is facing the work surface. Paint two thin black ovals side-by-side on the bottom of the cup running vertical. Let the black ovals dry for an hour.


Step 5

Punch a hole on either side of the top of the cup about a half-inch from the rim. Tie a 12-inch length of yarn through each hole.

Step 6

Fasten the pig nose to your face using the length of yarn.


Avoid using traditional spray paint on your nose, as it is known to eat through Styrofoam.

Make accompanying pig ears by cutting triangles from pink craft foam and gluing them to a headband.


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