How to Make Hard Salami

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Things You'll Need

  • Sharp knife

  • 22 lb. lean meat

  • 3 lb. pork fat

  • Meat grinder

  • Large bowl

  • Shallow bowls or trays

  • 1 1/4 cup + 1 tbsp. salt

  • 1 cup + 3 tbsp. dextrose

  • 3 tbsp. ground white pepper

  • 2 tbsp. sausage cure

  • 1 tbsp. garlic powder

  • Sausage stuffer

  • Beef sausage casings

Hard salami is a meat product that is made by aging the raw meat by a curing process instead of cooking. The meat in hard salami can be pork, beef or venison and the three meats are often used interchangeably or in combination. Once the meat has been prepared, it is then stuffed into sausage casings and aged for at least 90 days. After the aging process, the hard salami can then be smoked, if desired.


Step 1

Trim all visible fat from 22 lb. of lean meat using a sharp knife.

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Step 2

Cut the meat and the pork fat into 1-inch cubes.

Step 3

Set up your meat grinder with the 1/2-inch plate and feed the meat and fat through the grinder, catching the ground meat in a large bowl set beneath the grinder spout.


Step 4

Replace the 1/2-inch plate in the grinder with the 1/8-inch plate.

Step 5

Use your hands to mix the meat and fat together thoroughly in the bowl. Regrind the meat. Store the meat in shallow, covered bowls or trays for seven days in the refrigerator.


Step 6

Set up your sausage stuffer and load the stuffing tube with a beef casing.

Step 7

Mix the salt, dextrose, ground white pepper, sausage cure and garlic powder into the meat using your hands.


Step 8

Feed the mixture into the stuffer and stuff the seasoned meat into the sausage casings. Twist the casings between the sausages at the desired length.

Step 9

Store the stuffed casings in the refrigerator for 90 days or until the sausage becomes firm and hard to the touch.


Sausage cure can be purchased at most sporting goods stores and online at various outlets.

Beef casings can be ordered online from retailers such as You can also order premeasured spice packs for hard salami and other sausage meats.


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