How to Use an Oil Diffuser Tea Light

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Things You'll Need

  • Tea light

  • Lighter

  • Oil diffuser

  • Distilled water

  • Hot water

  • Soap

Oil diffusers with tea lights are an attractive way to quickly fill a room with a natural aroma while creating an inviting environment with the candle's warm glow. There are a few different types of tea light oil diffusers, but they all work on the same principle of using a candle to heat essential oil and release it into the air. You can blend essential oils to suit your taste, and tea lights are quite inexpensive.


Step 1

Light a tea light, and let it burn until the wax has pooled on the top. Blow out the candle, and add a few drops of essential oil into the melted wax. Re-light the candle, and wait a few minutes for the scent to be released. After about 10 minutes, blow out the candle, add more oil, and re-light it. This method of oil diffusion works quickly, but the smell doesn't last long unless you keep replacing the oil.


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Step 2

Combine water and essential oil in a commercial diffuser, which will create a milder, longer-lasting scent than plain oil. Distilled water has the cleanest smell and won't leave hard water deposits in your diffuser.

Step 3

Use up to 10 drops of oil in a tablespoon of water for very small diffuser bowls. For larger bowls, use a 9 to 1 ratio of water to oil.


Step 4

Light the candle and place it underneath the bowl. The scent will be released after 10 or 15 minutes.

Step 5

Clean the diffuser bowl with soap and hot water after each use. Keep an eye on the tea light, and change it regularly because most tea lights only last a few hours.


Plain oil without water works in a commercial tea light oil diffuser, but the smell won't last as long. Use10 drops of oil, and refill the bowl every hour or so.

Some essential oils break down in heat, which can slightly change their scent. Your oils may smell slightly different in the diffuser than they do in the bottle.


Be careful with citrus oils, lavender oil, and tea tree oil, as these are flammable. Do not use these oils directly in a tea light.

Use the same precaution with oil diffuser tea lights as you would with any open flame. Never leave a burning candle unattended.


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