How to Make a Padded Table Protector

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Things You'll Need

  • Quilted fabric

  • 1/2-inch-wide elastic

  • Sewing machine

  • Thread

  • Straight pins

  • Scissors

  • Tape measure

  • One large safety pin

Tablecloths have been gracing tables of all sizes for a good part of history. According to "History of Table Linens" on, "Many people will be surprised to know that table linens were used throughout France and Italy by the 12th century. Keeping tables clean and presentable was a priority hundreds of years ago." Along with those tablecloths comes the need to protect the table beneath. Padded table protectors are essential to the preservation of your dining room table. Making a table protector is a practical project to undertake.


Step 1

Measure your table, length by width. If your table is circular, measure its diameter. Add 4 inches to both the length and the width measurements. If circular, add 4 inches to the diameter measurement.

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Step 2

Measure your quilted fabric according to the adjusted table measurements. A standard yard is 44-by-36 inches. You may need to sew two pieces of quilted fabric together to achieve the width of the table. If so, use a straight stitch on a sewing machine, and sew using a 1/2-inch seam allowance joining the two pieces of fabric.

Step 3

Cut the quilted fabric for your table protector according to the adjusted table measurements. Cut a 4-by-4-inch square in each corner. If the table is round, skip this step and move to step 5.

Step 4

Turn the fabric to the wrong side, and pin the two edges of each cut corner together, forming four pinned diagonal lines. Sew each corner, forming a "fitted" corner at each corner of your padded table protector.


Step 5

Fold the raw edges down against the wrong side of the fabric, and sew using a straight stitch on the machine. Use a 1/2-inch seam allowance.

Step 6

Fold the sewn edges down 1 inch and sew, forming a casing for your elastic around the entire top edge of your table protector, leaving a 3-inch opening to feed the elastic through.


Step 7

Cut a piece of elastic measuring half the measurement around the entire table. Use a straight pin to attach one end of the elastic to the fabric, inside the casing.

Step 8

Attach a second safety pin to other other end of the elastic. Feed that safety pin and elastic through the casing, until the pin and elastic emerge from the other end of the casing. Remove the safety pin, and attach the elastic to the casing with a straight pin.


Step 9

Sew the two ends of elastic to the fabric, and sew closed the opening of the casing.

Step 10

Turn your padded table protector right-side out and place it on your table, securing the elastic edge under the tabletop. Cover with a tablecloth.


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