How to Identify a Kitchen Faucet

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When remodeling or replacing a kitchen faucet, the number of options can be overwhelming. Learn how to identify kitchen faucets to find the right one for your needs.


Step 1

Look at the spout style. Although kitchen faucets are normally labeled at stores, you also should be able to identify them by looking at the spout. Most will have a raised U-shaped or other tall spout. Some, such as pot-filler faucets with jointed arms, are quite tall and long.

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Step 2

Check the handle style and accessories. While some faucets--such as bathroom-sink faucets--have separate hot and cold taps, many kitchen faucets have only a single handle. They also may have a separate sprayer or a pull-out sprayer in the spout head. If the model comes with a soap dispenser and sprayer, you can be fairly sure that it is a kitchen-faucet design.


Step 3

Find out whether the faucet swivels. Since many kitchen sinks are equipped with two side-by-side sinks, kitchen faucets usually are designed to rotate to reach both sinks.

Step 4

Find the model number of your existing kitchen faucet if you want to replace it with the same or a similar model. This may be printed somewhere on the faucet. Some manufacturers also have online applications that allow you to describe the faucet and determine its model number.