How to Paint Curtain Rods

Things You'll Need

  • Work surface

  • Newspaper

  • Paint (in colors of choice)

  • Paint trays or pallet

  • Small sponge paintbrush

  • Sponge (optional)

  • Polyurethane spray

Does your current curtain rod just not work well in the room anymore? There are some ways you can change that to make it look custom and cohesive. Use some good-quality paint and give that old curtain rod a new life. There are a few interesting techniques you can try as well as limitless pallets of colors to choose from.

Hanging in Style

Step 1

Take your old curtain rod apart at your workspace after you have removed the curtains. Prepare your workspace by covering it with newspaper.

Step 2

Pour a little of your paint into the paint tray or onto a pallet. Mix it up to get the air bubbles or lumps out.

Step 3

Use a small sponge brush to start applying your paint. Cover the rod by using small slow strokes as you work your way down the rod. Smooth any drips that may have occurred and allow your pieces to dry. Add a second coat of paint.

Step 4

Alternatively, dip a small sea sponge into one of your paint colors and gently dab it all over your curtain rod pieces. Wait for that first coat to dry. Wash your sponge out and allow it to dry as well. Pour a little of the second paint color into your tray. Grab your dry sponge and apply a second coat of paint with a different color.Use a gentle dabbing technique. Allow some of the first color to show through as you apply the second color. Allow the paint to dry.

Step 5

Paint any little detailed pieces of your curtain rod (such as knobs or leaves or swirls) with a small sponge paintbrush or with the sponge technique described in Step 4. Spray some protective polyurethane onto your rod pieces and allow it to dry completely before reassembling your curtain rod.


Use some metallic paint to give your rod a more expensive look. Try brass, gold or silver leaf paint to give it some sparkle.


Always use caution when spraying a polyurethane coating. Protect your eyes and lungs and open some windows.

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