How to Cook Beef Steaks in a Showtime Rotisserie

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Cooking a steak on a grill or searing it on a stove are the preferred methods by most home cooks, but trying something new is always a good idea. For those busy nights when you need your hands, and want a healthy beefy meal, the countertop Showtime Rotisserie holds the answers, cooking your steaks evenly and turning a high-in-fat meat in to a lean cuisine treat. It makes meat not only more tender, moist and favorable, but it also is faster to prepare than in an oven.


Step 1

Before cooking, determine the weight of your steaks. The rotisserie basket allows you to cook two to three at a time, and you can use any type of cut from T-bone to New York.

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Step 2

Rub your meat with a spice rub and marinate it overnight or during the day. Place meat in rotisserie basket. The rotisserie has three different settings: normal rotation; pause and sear; and no-heat rotation. Set rotisserie at pause and sear.

Step 3

You should allow five minutes cooking time for each pound, so if you have three 1-1/4-pound steaks, your timer should be set for 18 to 20 minutes, depending on how rare you want your steak to be. Give the rotisserie five minutes to heat up, then cook steaks for eight minutes on one side. Rotate them to other side and allow searing. Because steaks are a thinner cut of meat, this allows the heat to flow through them evenly.

Step 4

Place steaks in a heatproof container when finished cooking so they will not get cold before serving.


The rotisserie comes in different sizes from medium to extra-large but always has the same exterior and interior designs. Standard accessories are spit holder rods, standard rotisserie and barbecue basket, dual heating try with lid and three-hour timer.

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