How to Hang Curtains Over Sliding Glass Doors

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Ladder

  • Curtain rod

  • Curtain rod holders

  • Drill

  • Screws

Your home has a sliding glass door. Perhaps it is covered by blinds--or perhaps it has no covering at all. Hanging curtains over the sliding glass door is a viable option, both ensuring extra privacy and adding to the aesthetic appeal of the room. But what's the best way to hang curtains over sliding glass doors? It need not be a difficult and stress-inducing task.

How to Hang Curtains Over Sliding Glass Doors

Step 1

Measure your sliding glass doors with a measuring tape. The measurement that matters is the length of the doors, parallel to where a curtain rod would hang. Make note of this measurement.

Step 2

Add four inches to the length of the doors. This addition will ensure that your curtain rod is the proper length.

Step 3

Purchase curtains, curtain rod and curtain rod holders. Be sure to select curtains both that you like and that match the room that they will hang in. Also, since the curtains will be hung over doors that people will be walking through, be sure that the curtains are two-panel curtains for easy walk-through capability. Make sure that the curtain rod you select is the correct length or can adjust to match that length. Also, make certain that the curtain rod allows for at least two or three inches of space between the wall and the rod itself; this will allow breathing room between the curtain and the opening-and-closing sliding glass door beneath. A good rod type that allows for this kind of space is a curved rod. Note that curved rods do not require rod holders.

Step 4

Use a drill and screws, unless otherwise directed by product instructions, to fasten the curtain rod holders to the wall about the sliding glass doors. Refer to the rod's individual instructions if you aren't sure about where to place the screws. The curtain rod holders should be positioned two inches above and two inches outside of the glass doors, or thereabouts. A curved rod, which doesn't typically require holders, typically features two screw-holes, a top and bottom hole, on each end of the rod itself, so knowing where to place the screws for this type of rod should be obvious.

Step 5

Hang the rod on the holders and attach the curtain. They way the rod sits on the holders varies from product to product, but typically it is simply laid on the holders and snaps in. Some rods are held tight by screws. Refer to the rod's individual instructions if you are unsure. If you have a curved rod, of course, your rod is already hung and fastened tight to the wall. Hanging the curtains is usually as simply as hanging the hooks connected to the curtain along the rod, or snapping the rings on a curtain to the rod. Again, if you are unsure on how to hang the curtain to the rod, refer to the curtain's instructions.