How to Fix Curtains That Are Too Short

Curtains that are too short can take away from the appearance of the window. When buying curtains it is always better to choose to go with more length rather than not enough length for curtains. In some cases, curtains from an old residence must be used in a new home. Finding ways to add length to fix curtains is not impossible and you might end up with a different look that you really like. Before you head to the department store to purchase longer curtains, consider these ways to add length to existing curtains.

Things You'll Need

  • Curtains

  • Tiebacks

  • Fabric

  • Trim

Step 1

Lower the curtain rods when possible to lengthen curtains without the need to add any fabric to the curtains. Add a valance to add more height or to cover a gap between the curtain rod and window frame.

Step 2

Pull the curtains to the side and use a tieback. This will work when curtains can remain in that position and not be released.

Step 3

Remove the hem and gain some extra material. Hem the curtains with a more flattering length.

Step 4

Add material to the bottom of the curtains in a color that will complement the curtain and the existing decor.

Step 5

Add trim to the bottom of the curtain that matches drapes or tiebacks.

Step 6

Add length to the top of the curtain with more fabric. Remove the existing stitching if it is a rod pocket. Sew fabric to the top and create a rod pocket using the new fabric. This new material can be the same as the curtains or a contrasting color and even a different fabric.