How to Get a Mildew Odor Out of Wool

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Things You'll Need

  • Lemon Juice

  • Salt

Mold microorganisms are common, even existing in the air we breathe. However, mold requires moisture to grow. Take away the moisture and the mold spores will die. Mildew is a spore that grows from the mold microorganisms. Under the right temperature and moisture levels mildew can stain, and even damage just about any product within your home. The best weapon against mold and mildew is prevention. To permanently remove the smell of the mildew, the mildew must be removed. When mildew sets into fabrics, such as wool, discoloration is quick to ensue. If left unattended the mildew can eventually damage your favorite wool sweater.


Step 1

Brush off all mildew spots from the item. It is best to do this outdoors. The mildew spores can scatter throughout the house and continue to grow.

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Step 2

Hang the item outside in the sun. Be sure the wool has plenty of room to breathe. The sun will kill off the mold particles and the air will help to remove the dead spores from the item.

Step 3

Verify the mildew stain has been removed. If the stain is still present then moisten the wool with lemon juice, and add a thin layer of salt over the mildewed area. The lemon juice opens the pours of the woolen fabric, allowing the salt to pull out the spores.

Step 4

Place the item back out into the sun.

Step 5

Wash the fabric in soap and water. If the item is non-washable then have it dry-cleaned.


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