How to Replace Shower Doors With Shower Curtains

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Things You'll Need

  • Powered screwdriver

  • Utility knife

  • Dry towel

  • Organic cleaning compound

  • Bucket

  • Latex gloves

  • Stiff brush

  • Tub patching compound

  • Putty knife

  • Shower curtain tension rod

  • Shower curtain rings

  • Shower curtain

Sliding glass shower doors can sometimes be more trouble than they are expected to be. They can be very difficult to clean and are difficult to keep clean. If you have very young or very old family members in your home then the sliding glass door may even present a dangerous obstacle to safely getting in to and out of the shower. It may be easier and safer to remove the shower doors and replace them with a curtain.


Replacing Shower Doors with Shower Curtains

Step 1

Remove the glass door panels from the door frames and set them aside.

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Step 2

Use a power screwdriver to gently remove all of the screws holding the frame in place. You do not want to crack the tile surrounding the tub, or the fiberglass surround. Your tub is more than likely made of fiberglass as well so be careful removing the screws from the tub.


Step 3

Cut sealant around the door frame with a utility knife and gently remove the frame from the tub.

Step 4

Dry the area the frame was in thoroughly with a dry towel.

Step 5

Mix a tub-cleaning compound in a bucket. Use latex gloves to protect your hands and use a stiff brush to clean away the residue left behind by the door frame. When you are done, towel the area dry again.


Step 6

Fill the holes left behind with a tub-patching compound. According to a tile grout will not do the job, especially on a fiberglass surface. Apply the compound by filling in the holes using a putty knife, and then wiping the excess off with a sponge. Allow the compound to dry and cure for at least 12 hours.


Step 7

Place the shower curtain rings on the curtain and thread the curtain onto the tension rod.

Step 8

Install the tension rod according to manufacturer's instructions. A good rule of thumb is to install the rod at least three inches from the shower ceiling and even with the side of the tub.


You will be left with areas that are obviously filled-in holes along the sides of the tub and tub walls. Get creative and cover them with any kind of shower decoration, or paint designs over them.


Do not start using your tub again until the patching compound is completely dry.



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