How to Release a Dyson Handle

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Upright vacuum cleaners are a good option for cleaning carpeted and solid floors. The cleaners are generally not good for other cleaning jobs, such as steps or walls and ceilings that need dust and webs removed. Several models of Dyson upright vacuum cleaners feature a detachable handle that is compatible with different accessories created to handle those hard to reach places. The handle is light and easy to use with the accessories supplied with the machine.


Step 1

Turn the vacuum cleaner off by pressing the power button on the front of the handle.

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Step 2

Push the handle forward so that the vacuum is in a locked, upright position.

Step 3

Extend the handle to its farthest position by pulling up on the handle gently. Yanking on the handle may damage the locking mechanism that holds it in place.

Step 4

Press the release button on the front of the handle housing and pull up. The handle will detach from the machine.

Step 5

Replace the handle by sliding it back into the housing. You will hear a click when it is locked in place.

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