How to Make Ghost Circle Yard Decorations

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Things You'll Need

  • White sheets

  • Wooden stakes or poles

  • Plastic bags

  • Newspaper

  • Waterproof paint or markers

  • Twine or ribbon

  • Masking tape

  • Center props (optional)

A circle of ghosts haunting your front yard is a striking visual for Halloween. This gathering of ghosts is relatively easy to create with a few supplies. Three ghosts are enough to make a circle, but you can add as many as you have the space to accommodate. Create a family of ghosts to represent your own family members, or set a scene of spooky ghosts dancing on air. However you choose to design it, your ghostly circle yard decoration is sure to be among the most popular in the neighborhood.

Step 1

Decide how many ghosts will make up your circle. Think about whether you want them to be the same height or varying heights. List the amount and coordinating measurements you plan for your ghosts. Add a few inches if you want the ghosts to appear as if they are dancing or floating in the air.

Step 2

Purchase one stake or pole per ghost, in their respective sizes. These can be bought at a home improvement or hardware store. Note that you can buy wooden stakes in the same lengths and cut them down accordingly.

Step 3

Stuff plastic bags with crumpled newspaper to form the heads. Double up on bags to keep the newspaper from showing through the plastic.

Step 4

Place a prop in the center of where your ghosts will form a circle. Have your ghosts surround an item such as a jack-o-lantern or circle of candles to add a glowing effect. Use battery-operated, flameless candles to prevent the risk of fire.

Step 5

Stake your poles into the ground about two feet apart from each other to form the circle.

Step 6

Attach the heads to the stakes. Secure with masking tape.

Step 7

Collect one white, flat sheet per ghost. Sheets should be twin size or larger.

Step 8

Drape the sheets over the poles and secure them with white ribbon or twine around the neck area.

Step 9

Paint eyes and mouths on the ghost faces using waterproof paint. Draw the faces with permanent marker, if you prefer.

Step 10

Tie the corners of the sheets together to create the look of ghosts holding hands.


It is easiest to place the heads on the stakes and decorate after the stakes are in the ground.

Place a strobe light and fog machine or use dry ice to create mist coming up from the center of your circle on Halloween night.

Use short stakes and cheese cloth to create a smaller scale ghost circle.

Stick a glow stick in each head to create a spooky glowing effect.


Be sure stakes are anchored well into the ground and sheets are tied tightly enough to hold up on windy days.