How to Install Tiki Torches

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Things You'll Need

  • Tiki Torches

  • Tiki torch stands

  • Relatively level surface

  • Hammer

Tiki torches are used for camping and general lawn decorations to create an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and mystery. They are popular for spending time on the beach at night, or by lakes and ponds. While they do not provide the warmth of a campfire, they are most known for luaus in Hawaii. Tiki torches denote a celebration with festive parties, live music and local cuisine. How does one install them in the ground to create their own lively atmosphere?


Setting Up Tiki Torches

Step 1

Hammer the torch stands into the ground at intervals for the desired locations.

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Step 2

Slide the Tiki torches into the torch stands.

Step 3

Move as necessary to maintain a straight vertical line with the Tiki torches.

Step 4

Fill with fuel and light.


Make sure the Tiki torches are six feet to eight feet away from any object that might catch fire, such as trees, tree limbs and canopies. Do not place Tiki torches in an enclosed area because of soot damage, smoke inhalation and fire hazards.


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