Flowers That Mean Knowledge

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To some, the begonia means knowledge.

In different societies at various points in history, flowers have held a number of meanings. While sending someone a white rose may have meant "love" to a Victorian-era British person, it might mean "I'm sorry for your loss" in Latin America. Certain flowers convey the idea of knowledge in cultures around the world.



According to The Society of American Florists, the begonia stands for knowledge and deep thoughts. When you send someone this flower, it is either in recognition that they have knowledge, or in hope that they will gain it. The begonia comes in all different colors. It is an annual popular in flower gardens and hanging gardens.


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Although it is more commonly associated with the royal symbol of France, the fleur-de-lis, the iris actually has a number of meanings. This elegant, long flower used to symbolize for the Greeks the connection between heaven and earth. As such, one of the ideas that is symbolizes is knowledge and wisdom. The traditional blue iris symbolizes knowledge; on the contrary, the yellow iris symbolizes passion.


Purple Lotus

Certain flowers have strong meanings for Eastern cultures in the same way the iris or begonia has meanings for Western culture. An example of this is the purple lotus, which symbolizes knowledge. Often associated with Buddhism and meditation, the lotus is actually a symbol of knowledge and wisdom across Eastern cultures, regardless of religion.



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