How to Kill Fleas & Bedbugs With Powder

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Things You'll Need

  • Flea and bedbug powder

  • Vacuum

Bedbugs and fleas can be major nuisances in your home. Bedbugs live in the fibers of mattresses and other furniture and they typically come out at night to feed on blood. Fleas are parasites that also feed on blood and commonly attach themselves to animals to feed. If you have a problem with fleas and bedbugs on your bed, you need to first check pets for signs of fleas and wash them with flea shampoo. All bedbug and flea killers that are in a powder form are used the same way when applied, but still read and follow the directions on the product.


Step 1

Treat any of your pets for fleas immediately and wash all of the bedding on your mattress. Don't put sheets back on your bed until you have fully treated your mattress for fleas and bedbugs.

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Step 2

Purchase powder that kills both bedbugs and fleas; you could have trouble treating the problem if you get different powders for each problem. The best will work on mattresses and carpeting.

Step 3

Apply the powder to the areas where the bedbugs and fleas are present. Sprinkle the powder evenly around the entire area to kill any bugs that try to escape.


Step 4

Keep the area free of any contact from pets or children. The powder should kill the bedbugs and fleas within 45 minutes, but let it work for at least one hour.

Step 5

Vacuum up the powder. Make sure all the powder is picked up by the vacuum. Vacuum particularly well if you applied the powder to your mattress because you don't want any of the powder to come in contact with your skin.

Step 6

Reapply the powder again weekly for four to six weeks to ensure you stop the infestation of fleas and bedbugs. Continue vacuuming up the powder each time an hour after applying.