How to Thread a Handheld Sewing Machine

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Things You'll Need

  • Bobbin

  • Thread

  • Needle threader

The handheld sewing machine offers frequent sewers a portable, travel-sized machine to take with them while traveling. It is useful on the road and requires little storage space. It is also helpful for those who do not need a full-sized sewing machine, but still need to sew from time to time. It may look different from the traditional sewing machine, but the mechanisms are similar. Find out how to thread the needle of the handheld sewing machine and use it anywhere you go.


Step 1

Place the bobbin onto the side of the handheld sewing machine. It will slip over a small peg sticking out the center of one side, typically the right side if you are looking at the sewing machine from the front. If the bobbin is part of the sewing machine, wrap the thread you want to use around the bobbin.

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Step 2

Pull the end of the thread loose from the bobbin and bring it forward until it reaches the needle of the sewing machine. Pull up on the arm holding the needle to open it up to give you more room to thread the needle.

Step 3

Run the thread through the hole in the needle. Use a needle threader if you are having trouble. Catch the end of the thread as it goes through the hole and pull it so a few inches of thread hangs out the other side.


Step 4

Close the arm again and begin sewing. If the thread slips out of the needle or off the bobbin, stop sewing and readjust. If any knots form, untie them before continuing to sew.


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